What We Do

Turning your ideas into a digital model

Joao Render

Digital Sculpture

From your Idea or your Concept
3D Modeling for Printing
3D Modeling for Video Games
Joao Painter

Digital 3D Painting

For your Renders
For your Video Games
Substance Painter
Joao Print

3D Printing Solutions

Optimization of 3D Models
Professional Resin 3D Printer

About Us

We are a couple of digital and formerly traditional sculptors, and we have been creating digital miniatures since 2014. We each have worked separately as freelancers for many great companies like Privateer Press, Wyrd miniatures or Modiphius. Now, we are working together to make even better pieces. Because we both worked in all the stages of the miniature production industry, we very well understand the quality requirements to print and cast digital sculptures in order to obtain the best results for miniatures possible.